Asking a Cesspool Installation company in Long Island about Risers

What are the Pros and Cons of Septic Tank Risers

Septic tanks must be pumped from time to time to evacuate sludge and make room for more waste water. Accessing the septic tank lids can be a bit problematic as they are often buried underground. The solution to this is installing a riser. This is a concrete or plastic pipe that runs vertically from the septic tank’s pump out the opening to the ground level. Cesspool installation Long Island pros say risers have become very convenient features in today’s septic systems.



A riser is made to be all weather, so it is usually made from plastic or concrete.  It is typically 8-24 inches in diameter. The length of a riser depends on how far deep it extends to the tank underground.

You will first have to locate your septic tank if you don’t know where it is. This can be done by a metal detector or in a slower fashion by probing the ground with a crowbar. After locating the septic tank, it is just a matter of replacing the pump out lid with a pipe. The space between the outlet and the pipe is then sealed to prevent any objects getting into the septic tank.

The soil is refilled with the end of the pipe rising about half a foot above the ground. A lid is put on this end to prevent any objects falling in.  A cesspool replacement Suffolk County, NY can do the installation in under an hour.

Pros of a riser

Access – a septic tank underground without a riser is very inaccessible. To get to the lid, you have to dig up the soil, and when you are done the pumping, replace the soil. This is very inconvenient and time wasting. A riser makes it very easy to get to the pump outlets and finish pumping in a short while. A riser also allows for easier inspections.  This is made even easier with the use of a video camera inspection system where the camera probe can be easily sent down into the septic tank.

Aesthetics – a riser allows burying the septic tank deeper in the ground. There is no unsightly lid sticking out. When pumping is done, the ground does not get disturbed. A riser maintains the lawn as it is and can be merged into the surroundings by planting a few flowers around it.

Cost – pumping crews charge for every task they undertake. If you ask a cesspool repair long island crew to inspect your septic tank for example, if there is no riser they would have to dig up the ground to get to the lid. This is an added cost. This cost will recur every time you need to get to the septic tank. A riser eliminates this cost.

Cons of a riser

Other than the inconvenience of installing one to a septic that is already in place, there are no cons in installing a septic riser. One has to look out and avoid complacency from the convenience of having a riser. This could bring on laziness in doing through septic inspections.