Glass Stairbuilders on Long Island

8 Tips to Guide you in Building a Glass Staircase

Expert stair builders on Long Island say the staircase serves the dual purposes of functionality and aesthetics. It helps move from one level of a house to another and is also an attractive prop in the house when it is artistically done. A glass staircase adds a modern and classy touch to the house. When done right, a glass staircase makes the house sparkle. The glass staircase goes very well with the minimalist design. However, many homeowners and their builders do not usually get it right the first time. There are some tips that can guide you when choosing to build a glass staircase.



More work goes into building a glass staircase than building a wooden or metallic one. There are tens of glass staircase designs to choose from each priced differently. To get an idea of what it will cost you, it would be good to browse some designs online and at different hardware stores. Factor in labor costs by asking for labor quotes from different contractors.


Safety in the house should be a priority. Stair railings Long Island experts say that a staircase with a landing is generally considered the safest. That is why they are common in public spaces like schools and hospitals. You can consider having a staircase with a landing for the house too if there is available space, and the height is not that high.


What is the space available? Is it enough to accommodate a big and grand design for a glass staircase? Try to strike a balance between the space available and the design. This makes the house look balanced, but if you have a large space, you are freer to experiment with grand designs.

Family lifestyle

Who are the family members in the house? Is there a baby or a senior citizen in the house? You will have to consider the mobility needs of your family members. Prioritize safety and convenience when picking the glass staircase design.  If the house has teens and young adults, go over some designs with them so that they can pick out what they feel is attractive for the house.


The material for the staircase will depend on the architecture design of the house. Modern designs feature lots of chrome and glass, so a glass staircase with metal columns and rises would look appropriate.  An older house with lots of wooden surfaces would be good for a glass staircase with metal railings.

Staircase Design

The most common staircase designs are straight, spiral or half-turned. Your choice of design for a glass staircase will depend on the available space and the interior design of the house. A spiral design works well for a small space while a half-turned design looks good in a large space.

Codes and Regulations

Quality stair builders Long Island experts say the law regulates the building of glass staircases. These rules guide the height and depth of the stairs. Make sure you look into these codes and regulations before starting on the staircase.

Handrails and Balustrades

Handrails and balustrades should be sturdy to carry different weights. If there are young children in the house, these should be resistant enough to carry their weight as they play on the staircase.  Glass should also be hardy to ward off the inevitable knocks and hits without breaking.

When looking to build a glass staircase, much thought should go into the guidelines above so as to have a quality, long lasting staircase that is safe for all members of the family, and also attractive to the eye.