Glass Stairbuilders on Long Island

8 Tips to Guide you in Building a Glass Staircase

Expert stair builders on Long Island say the staircase serves the dual purposes of functionality and aesthetics. It helps move from one level of a house to another and is also an attractive prop in the house when it is artistically done. A glass staircase adds a modern and classy touch to the house. When done right, a glass staircase makes the house sparkle. The glass staircase goes very well with the minimalist design. However, many homeowners and their builders do not usually get it right the first time. There are some tips that can guide you when choosing to build a glass staircase.


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Install a Tank after an Oil Tank Removal in Putnam County NY?

After an Oil Tank Removal in Putnam County NY, Should you have a New tank Installation?

Are you looking to install a new oil tank? This could be you are replacing the older one for a bigger one, or you are doing a new installation. Oil tanks are some of the most regulated installations by the authorities. This is understandable seeing as it is that an oil tank is a fire hazard, especially in a built-up residential area. The requirements to meet when doing a new oil tank installation and the costs involved will be higher than when doing a replacement unless you are moving the oil tank to a different part of the home.


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Long Island HVAC Repair compares Forced Air to Traditional System

We asked Long Island HVAC Repair, (click here for site) to explain the differences between forced air systems to a traditional heating and a\c system.

Forced Air HVAC Systems

Forced air HVAC systems rely on a heat pump or furnace to heat the air, dispersing it throughout the home via vents, or ductwork. The temperature will be set using a thermostat, drawing cold air into the system, and filtering it to remove allergens. The air is then blown through the handling system, warming it using the heat source and spreading throughout the home via the blowing motor. If your primary heat source is a heat pump, then it will draw heat from the air (from the outdoor unit), which will pass through refrigerant lines fed into your home, through the handler, and into the ducts. This process repeats until the home’s temperature matches what you have set your thermostat to.


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Asking a Cesspool Installation company in Long Island about Risers

What are the Pros and Cons of Septic Tank Risers

Septic tanks must be pumped from time to time to evacuate sludge and make room for more waste water. Accessing the septic tank lids can be a bit problematic as they are often buried underground. The solution to this is installing a riser. This is a concrete or plastic pipe that runs vertically from the septic tank’s pump out the opening to the ground level. Cesspool installation Long Island pros say risers have become very convenient features in today’s septic systems.


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